Film Pitch

Students pitched ideas for a new film or tv series to investors and studio executives—played by their classmates. Their goal was to persuade their audience that their idea is worth their investment. They had to articulate who their target demographic is and what makes their idea distinctive. They needed a working title, an overview of the central characters, events, and themes, and a “logline” or one-sentence summary of their idea. Their slideshows aimed for multimodal synergy. Students voted on their five favorite pitches with the winners getting to turn their pitches into trailers for the next artifact.

Shreenithi Katta, Error 404: No Exit


Rishi Gullaplli, No Place Like Home


Cole Francis, The Human Experience


Richard Zhang, Project Victor


Kristin Hsu, Taste of AI

Wesley Ho, 2084

Megan Massey, Unrecognizable

Ananya Uday, MAIA

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