Film Trailer

Students formed groups to create trailers based on the winning Film Pitches. They incorporated the core elements of a trailer—voice over, text, visuals, and background music. Each group created a collaboration plan to decide who would be responsible for each task. They developed their ideas in a storyboarding workshop and learned the basics of iMovie in a video editing workshop.

“The Algorithm,” Srikant Vasudevan, Abhinav Iyer, Shreenithi Katta, Frank Wei, Trenilyas Tatum

“Taste of AI,” Kristin Hsu, Anika Xia, Paulina Young, Miriam Guthrie, Hayden Bird

“The Office But with an iPad on a Broom,” Elijah Nicpon, Kartik Saigal, Daniel Webber, Marshall Williams, Nick Audinet

“Release,” Miranda Ward, Sonali Patel, Amanda Dias, Matthew Zhou, Maxwell Zhang

“MAIA,” Ananya Uday, Sean Aoki, Lucy Nugent, Jessica Keith, Rishi Gullapalli