Sci-fi Magazine

Students worked in groups to create the debut issue of an online sci-fi magazine. They had to name their magazine and create a cohesive look. The inaugural issue had to include an essay analyzing one of the themes covered during the semester, such as consciousness, race, cybernetic enhancement, or artificial intelligence, a review of a novel, film, or video game, and an informative piece describing recent scientific discoveries in a specific area. Their websites had to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

Sci-Finale by Ramon Xie, Devin Wade, Kayla Rose, Catherine Shanks, James Wilt

Cosmic Chronicles by Kamili Chambers, Tyler Watson, Velin Kojouharov, and Pauline Yakubovich

The Science Journal by Abigail Jacobs, Neil Barry, Nicholas Gaug, John Williams, and Xinyan Li

New Frontier by Chris Cherono, Katherine Earwood, Tristan Autry, and Myles Collins

I asked students to imagine that they had been invited to write a feature for a popular sci-fi magazine. They could discuss how a recent development in scientific research relates to science fiction representations of technology, artificial intelligence, or alien life, or contrast how different authors approach the same theme, such as consciousness, race, or cybernetic enhancement. The goal was to show the audience a slice or cross-section of the literature on their topic. Their multimodal essay had to include images and links to sources.

Will Vaxmonsky, “Why Is Everyone Talking about A.I.?”


Shreya Choudhary, “The Frankenstein Complex in Sci-Fi”


Nathan Wong, “How Will We Know If AIs Become Conscious?”


Christine Cheng, “Robots and Reality: A Question of Consciousness”


Lance Lampert, “How AI’s Have Been Portrayed as Human in Science Fiction History, via the Turing Test”


Hushnud Amridinov, “Artificial Intelligence–the Next Frontier for Civil Rights”


David Keefe, “A Glance into the Future of Addictive Technology”


Colin Li, “Preparing for the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life Through the Lens of Science Fiction”