Teaching Experience

Georgia Institute of Technology

English 1102, “Science Fact and Fiction” Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021

English 1102, “Race and Religion from Abolition to the Civil Rights Movement” Spring 2020

English 1101, “Serious Satire” Fall 2019

Morehouse College

English 102, “The Art of Commentary” Spring 2019

English 102, “Black Critics, Black Culture” Fall 2018

Emory University

English 213W Fictions of Human Desire, “Art and Immortality” Spring 2018

English 181 Writing about Literature, “Time Travel” Spring 2016

English 101 Expository Writing, “Writing through Parody” Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant, English 363W “Discourse Analysis, Document Design” Spring 2015

Teaching Assistant, English 250 “American Literature: Beginnings to 1865” Fall 2014

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