Final Portfolio Assignment

Components: Your final portfolio will consist of three revised assignments, including your academic prose assignment. You can choose which two other pieces you want to include, but one of them must be a parody or satire. In addition to the three revised assignments, your portfolio must include a reflective argument, in which you demonstrate how you have met the course goals drawing on specific examples form your work as evidence. You may wish to include process materials, such as brainstorming/prewriting, first drafts, or comments you received during peer-reviews.


Your portfolio will account for 40% of your final grade in the course. You will be graded in these three areas:

  • Reflective letter—40%
    • Your reflective letter is an argument
    • It will be graded based on how well you use specific evidence from your portfolio to demonstrate that you have met the course goals
    • Your reflective letter should be 1,000-1,250 words long
  • Final drafts—30%
    • Each of your three final drafts will receive a grade based on how well it meets the criteria from the original assignment
  • Revision—30%
    • Each of your three final drafts will receive a grade based on how significantly it was revised
    • Even if your first draft received a good grade, you should put serious effort into revising it
    • Revision entails addressing higher-order concerns, like structure, not just lower-order concerns, like grammar
    • Use this as an opportunity to re-imagine the piece

You will submit your portfolio as a single PDF document with the following components:

  1. Reflective argument cover letter
  2. Appendix 1A—final draft of your academic prose assignment
  3. Appendix 1B—process materials for your academic prose assignment
  4. Appendix 2A—final draft of your second submission
  5. Appendix 2B—process materials for your second submission
  6. Appendix 3A—final draft of your third submission
  7. Appendix 3B—process materials for your third submission

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