Parody Video Group Project

For this project students formed groups to create fully WOVEN parody videos. They could parody any genre, including lifestyle vlogs, pop songs, political commentary, primetime news, sports talk, game shows, or reality tv. Their videos had to be five to seven minutes long. Along with their finished video, they had to submit a working script/storyboard. They had access to a greenscreen room at the Communications Lab and video editing software through the multimedia studio.

Collaboration Plan

Genre: What genre are you parodying?

Communication: How will group members communicate?

Division of labor: Who will take the lead on each task?

Group Member Task
  Create storyboard
  Revise storyboard
  Borrow AV equipment
  Scout locations
  Film video
  Act in video
  Edit video

Timeline: When will you meet as a group (or work individually) to complete each task?

Version control: How will you give feedback, name documents, and keep track of changes?

Storyboarding Workshop

Your storyboard should convey the overall narrative of your video. While it doesn’t need to include every single detail, it should be a good summary. Each panel should include an image (either hand drawn or computer generated) with some explanatory text. You should include summaries of dialogue or blocking (how characters move through space), as well as notes about the camera angle (high, low, level, distant, close, panning, etc.). You should have at least 20 panels in your storyboard. You can use the InDesign template or another template. 

Dr. Kendra Slayton facilitated a storyboarding workshop at the Naugle CommLab

Storyboard Drafts

Family Feud Parody, Oliver Hvidsten, Huong Ho, Alice Gao, Isabella Macaluso, and Sabin Kim


MTV’s Cribs Parody, Naomi Davis, Austin Carroll, Justin Thurber, Erin Ohm, Andres Ginebra


Peer Review

  1. Summarize the action of the storyboard
  2. What are the best, funniest, or most surprising moments?
  3. What are the most confusing moments?
  4. Where does the storyboard need additional frames to clarify the action?
  5. Where does the storyboard need additional text to clarify dialogue or camera angles?

Final Videos

Family Feud Parody, Oliver Hvidsten, Huong Ho, Alice Gao, Isabella Macaluso, and Sabin Kim
Soap opera parody by Aaron Hammond, Ana Coronel, Joyce Shen, Mina Zakhary, and Carol Melo Tierra
Makeover tutorial parody: Adam Bartnicki, Anne Chandler Dozier, Leah Kim, Kendall Seefried, and Sri Dannapaneni

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